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Stainless Steel & Aluminium in Bute

Bute Blacksmiths Ltd, based in Bute, is known for producing high-quality stainless steel and aluminium products. We can deliver products throughout the UK and beyond. We may also give you sketches and designs so you can visualise the end product.


Stainless steel is a material that can be used in specific circumstances when mild steel is not suitable. Often it is used when the products are required to be used in a harsher environment such as in marine-related work where saltwater perishes material at an enhanced rate, stainless steel’s robust properties make it ideal, and in the food industry where it is used for its cleanliness which is to keep at a high standard.

Aluminium is often used in circumstances where its lightweight but incredible strong properties make it the ideal material for keeping weight to a minimum. Hence the reason it is the material of choice for building aircrafts!

We tend to use it for more subtle uses such as manufacturing lgv and hgv body work so that payload is not sacrificed.
Aluminium is also used in marine work as its properties protect it from erosion but is one third of the weight of stainless steel.


We have specialised welders dedicated to aluminium at Bute Blacksmiths Ltd. The tools we use are critical because they reduce heat stress and improve weld quality. For a job successfully done, aluminium welding necessitates a very devoted technique and high-quality technology. Aluminium is the best fit for those looking for a lightweight product due to the properties of the metal.

Aluminium Welding
Bute Blacksmiths Ltd is committed to producing high-quality work. Our services are one-of-a-kind in Glasgow. We are experts in the field of aluminium welding and can handle any of your aluminium fabrication needs, big or little. We produce high-quality goods that are completely matched to your demands, whether punching, sawing, machining, or assembling.

Benefits of Aluminium
Aluminium is widely used in applications that call for lightweight components. Forged aluminium components are ideal for aerospace and aircraft applications because of their high strength-to-weight ratio, outstanding fracture toughness, and low temperature sensitivity. This product is more challenging to work with, although it is most commonly employed when customers have a ‘maximum weight limit’.

For example: we’ve developed a crane mechanism for use on a fishing boat. On the other hand, ordinary steel would have been too heavy, increasing the risk of sinking at sea. Also, freight trucks have had an aluminium carrier constructed because the vehicle has a maximum weight limit, and the lighter the ‘frame,’ the more cargo they can transport.

Why Use Bute For Stainless Steel or Aluminium?

At Bute Blacksmiths we specialise in the fabrication and welding of stainless steel and aluminium.
Our in-depth knowledge of this sector allows us to make sure from the moment of enquiry we can identify and advise what specific grades are required for the job.
We hold a range of welding coding’s for both Stainless Steel and Aluminium that covers GTAW, MAG and MMA welding processes to make sure our welding is up to the standard required.

Our designated fabrication areas allow us to eliminate the risk of material cross contamination when working on these exotics.
We have invested heavily in material cleaning equipment making us the ideal supplier if you requirements for these materials in the food and drink and many other industries. Through our trusted network of partners and suppliers we can also offer a range of profiling methods including techniques which leave no heat affected zones or discolouring leaving an aesthetically pleasing job


Stainless steels are iron alloys containing at least 10.5 percent chromium. Because of their corrosion resistance, durability, formability, recyclability, prolonged lifespan, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, they are suited for a wide range of applications. This is a desirable material in the food and marine (sea) industries for the following reasons. Because this material is cleaner, there is less risk of food becoming stuck within it, it is easier to clean, there is less risk of ecoli buildup, and it lasts significantly longer than standard steel when used frequently. When dealing with food products, it is considerably safer to utilise.

When exposed to harsher settings, such as outside or at sea/on rivers, stainless steel is an exceedingly durable material to utilise. A post that is to be mounted on the sea with a light to help guide boats away from the coast (see attached screenshot – the ‘post’ style item) is an example of a product we have made for a customer. Another structure we constructed was a river cover to prevent people from entering where the water flows on the outskirts of an airport. Because the product was exposed to exceptionally harsh conditions, stainless steel was chosen because regular steel would not have lasted as long or required much maintenance. You can preview these products in our Gallery.

Why Work With Us?

Glasgow Gilchrist Steels is a metal fabrication company specialising in various metal fabrication services, including steel fabrication. We have worked on parts for a variety of industries, including:

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State of the art systems ensure your order is managed efficiently as possible.

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Quick turnaround as we actively stock a wide range of steel.

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Our staff are incredibly skilled with a passion for what they do.

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We order vast amounts of steel, so our rates are unbeatable.

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We stock the a range of steel, including the highest quality the market can offer.

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With 45+ years experience, we're as efficient as they come.