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Gates & Railings in Bute

Bute Blacksmiths provides high-quality, custom-made steel gates manufactured by experienced blacksmiths. Depending on the style and functionality you require, our steel gates can be made to be automatic or manual, double or single gates. We can make whatever sort of steel gate you want from us.

Bespoke Gates by Bute Blacksmiths

Bute Blacksmiths’ automatic gates are perfect for any home that wants to increase security, functionality, style, and value. For commercial or residential usage, all our automatic iron & steel gates are available in various styles and functions, including sliding, swing, high-speed, roller, and farm gates. We offer the most advanced gate technology and security systems available.

Bute Blacksmiths offers steel gates that can enhance the look of your home while also providing security. We manufacture our gates to perfection as expert blacksmiths, and we supply them directly from our workshop to anyplace throughout the UK. We’ll create a bespoke product tailored to suit the property.

Our double and single gates can be customised to fit any home style while also adding security and value, whether you want a double gate with a swing function or a single gate that slides to the side. As professional blacksmiths, Bute Blacksmiths craft steel gates to perfection. Our reliable and quality steel gates will last decades.

Custom Railings by Bute Blacksmiths

Bespoke Handrails
Our skilled blacksmiths manufacture all of our hand railings, ensuring that you get the best quality and value for your money.Handrails made of stainless steel are available. We are one of UK’s most renowned railing manufacturers and suppliers. Railings, which are meticulously designed, are in high demand on national marketplaces. The handrails we offer are of the highest quality and durability. Clients can get it in secure packaging and at a reasonable cost.

Customised Railings
Our customised railings are handcrafted by skilled blacksmiths and delivered directly to you from our workshop from the Isle of Bute. Our professional blacksmiths will build bespoke railings to a high-quality standard, whether you require them for extra security, style, or value to your house. We strive in making your experience with Bute Blacksmiths as comfortable and worth remembering as possible!

Steel Fabrication Experts in Bute

Don’t have your design ready? Speak to one of our in-house engineers… We’ll turn your idea into a finished product ready for use!